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Some people think ZONE are this big massive company because of the size of building we have overlooking the M8 motorway, but in reality we are a small family business with incredible staff who are the best at what they do. 

Below is an inside look at the people who make this company one of the leading names in Blinds, Curtains and Shutters industry.


SoftPink Pauline is the gaffer of this department, with over 25 year expierence in Curtains, Pelmets, Roman Blinds and all types of domestic and commercial Soft Furnishings. Pauline is a true expert and will offer you any additional advice or help you may require to design or create that eprfect choice for your room setting.  Her team of Elaine & Elahe are two of the best machinists in soft furnishings. These guys ensure quality is of the highest importance and always ensure any deadlines are met. 



I like to compare this department to the old Prisoner Cell Block H Tv series, with a dedicated team of 'characters' who make manufacturing fun, but ensure our customers get value for money. 

Katie and her team of Pauline, Paul, Jamie, and our Josey can manufacture all types of window blinds, but are very innovative people who try to improve every day. If we ever have an issue, it is a big drama until this team find solutions to any awkward windows or fittings.