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Conservatory Blinds

Which Conservatory Blinds Are Right For You?

Conservatory blinds differ from other window coverings in terms of their suitability. These systems are the ultimate blind type for Conservatories. They provide great light control and perform a dual function of keeping out heat in the summer, and keeping in the heat in the winter. Conservatory blinds are the best energy efficient materials you can get. You may also wish to consider coordinating your roof and window blinds in your conservatory to maximise the impact of heat control & stunning look. Our team will  measure and fit everything for you and are be able to advise on the right choices for your home. 

At ZONE we offer the most popular and practical options for your conservatory blinds:

  • Pleated Blinds – Most popular, available in solar fabrics
  • Roller Blinds – Simple & stylish, also available in solar backed fabrics
  • Perfect fit – available as pleated, roller, shutters, day & night and 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Benefits of Conservatory Blinds

Made to measure conservatory blinds help to control the temperature of your conservatory. Our range of technical fabrics are designed to keep you cool in the summer and prevent heat-loss in the winter to save you energy and money. Bespoke conservatory blinds are an investment you may wish to make to maximise your use and enjoyment of this unique room in your home without temperature being a concern.

Light management is another benefit of conservatory blinds, as light has a direct impact on the temperature of your conservatory. If your conservatory is too bright in the summer, it can be overbearing. This can be controlled through conservatory blinds to help you enjoy the room more comfortably. 

The element of privacy that comes with conservatory blinds is also a benefit, along with the ability to reduce noise to a minimum. Finally, made to measure conservatory blinds can completely change the aesthetic of the room, helping to refresh and modernise the space.

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