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Plantation Shutter Blinds

ZONE are one of the leading suppliers of Shutters. Shutter blinds aren’t your average blinds. They’re stunning pieces of furniture that add character and depth to your home. We sell only the best sourced Shutters on the market, at very affordable prices.

Clearwater Hardwood Shutters

ZONE supplies durable, lightweight, warp-resistant and FSC-certified sustainably sourced hardwood. The fine grain texture, knot-free appearance and low oil content make them a truly stylish addition to your home. 

Wooden shutter blinds are ideal for large windows. They’re also great for unique window shapes like circles and triangles. You can choose from 21 paint colours, 13 wood stains and 3 different louvre sizes.

Why buy MDF shutter blinds when you can buy real wood blinds at MDF prices!

Clearwater Ashwood Shutters

When a customer seeks a shutter with a high-quality finish, our Ash wood delivers every time. Its deep textured grain gives a natural and sophisticated look. Ash is one of the finest materials that can be used to make a shutter and is like a piece of furniture on your window.


Below is an extensive gallery of our Shutter Products:

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