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Solid Panel Shutters

Solid Shutters, or Victorian Shutters as they are also known as, have been in peoples homes for more than 100 years and provide a traditional finish to any window. Being based in Dennistoun in Glasgow, these are widely featured in the tenement houses adajacent, and are designed to blockout as much light as possible whilst offering energy saving properties & insulation.  

Solid Panel Shutters are available in our Clearwater Hardwood range and can also be combined with louvres if required. They are best designed as Tier-on-Tier Style or Full Height Style.

Solid Shutters have less flexibility making them in direct comparison to curtains, where they are either open or closed, but architecturally they are stunning on any window.

Benefits of Solid Panels Shutters:

  • Offers almost total blackout when closed
  • Available in all hardwood products.
  • Highest Energy Efficient window covering.
  • Child Safe & Pet Friendly
  • Available in Café, Tier-on-Tier and Full Height.

All our shutters are fitted by our own joiners, and any price we quote includes us Supply, Measuring and Fitting.

Below is an extensive gallery & Brochure to download of some of our exclusive designs:

Shutters Brochure ( pdf, 16.1MB)
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