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Home Inspiration By Monique Palombo

11 Jun 2022

Inspiration Zone

Recently we had the pleasure of collaborating with Scottish fashion & home influencer Monique Palombo @FashionbyMNP.  Her chic fashion sense has helped her transform her stunning home which features a luxurious colour palette, loads of detail & texture and high end finishes throughout.

For Monique’s specialist lounge doors which lead out to her garden we fitted #INTU BLINDS in Slate Grey to create a warm and contemporary look.

We caught up with Monique to get the lowdown on her interior journey and get her top tips for creating a stylish home.

You can also check out her home and fashion style on Instagram at @fashionbymnp & @homebymnp

Q  Tell us about your new home?   

This is our first home together so it’s really special to us! We got our offer accepted on this house back in November last year. We were supposed to get it in April this year but due to current circumstances it was delayed until July. Before we got the keys, we had such a vision for what we wanted to do so that as soon as we got the keys we got to work. We had our kitchen remodelled a day or two after we got the keys. We both have really similar taste and we are a bit OCD so we have worked really well together in deciding on work that needed done and interior choices.


Q Minimalist or maximalist when it comes to home-décor?

I would probably say maximalist which is so strange for me. I have a minimalist fashion sense but for home interiors I love mixing patterns and textures. I’m obsessed with deep tones and lots of details. I also love styling console tables with lots of flowers, ornaments, candles, books etc! I have my eye on lots of art/prints/photographs too which I want hung on our walls soon.


Q What was your vision when you started to plan your interiors?

I love the interior in the Dakota hotels, I love dark colours with lovely warm lighting, I think it feels so inviting but also really cosy. I wanted it to be modern but classic and not go out of style. I want people to walk in and think it’s different to most homes that they’ve been in and I wanted every little detail down to the sockets to be thought about for an over all sleek look.


Q Why did you choose the INTU blinds and how do hey work with the rest of your room scheme?

We have really large specialist windows at the back of our living room which open up into the garden – we were really unsure on what type of blind would be best for this. We wanted something slim line that would fit nicely in to the frames of the window and not be too fiddly. When I found out that Zone at Home were doing free at home consultations I booked them to come out and have a look. After getting all of the information from Daniel (the man that came out) we decided that INTU blinds would be the best option for our type of window and also the look we wanted to achieve. We went for slate grey which fits into our colour scheme perfectly.


Q Why did you choose Zone at Home?

I chose Zone at Home as they were so helpful with the process, they came out, explained all the options that we had for our type of window and also showed me examples of what each would look like. They then had colour charts of all the different options we could choose. It was a really easy process and we found what we were looking for very quickly.


Q How did you decide on your colour palette?

For our house, we wanted it to be the ultimate chill zone. I think colours take a lot to do with your mood and how you feel. I wanted it to feel homely but also classy. Although our home is mostly grey and neutral tones, the hints of dark wood and warm lighting really give it a cosy atmosphere. I spent endless nights on Pinterest deciding colour schemes I love. We are adding a pop of colour to our dining area soon, I can’t wait to share!


Q What’s been the biggest change you have made to your home?

We gave our kitchen a makeover which made a huge difference to the overall look downstairs. We also added in a gas fire and false wall which was a big job but we are so happy with the results!


Q What advice would you give to anyone undertaking a home renovation?

I would say take your time – we were so eager to get everything done as soon as we got the keys but I would say take your time, really think about your decisions and enjoy the process – it’s actually really fun doing the little things so try not skip past them in a rush.

Q Are you finished all decoration now or do you have more projects?

We have so much still to do! We only moved in about a month ago, we have our bedroom still to finish (curtains, lights, bedside tables) We also have little touches downstairs such as pendant lighting etc. We have a study that’s still in the works and I’m still looking for the perfect dressing table for my dressing room.


Q Who are your favourite home instagram accounts?

Oh I have so many! I’m loving home Instagram account so much recently. A few of my favourites are:










Q Who is your celebrity home style crush?

I follow this Instagram account called @houseofcelebs and I’m obsessed with it! A few of the celebrities who’s homes/interiors I am obsessed with are;

– Lewis Hamilton’s New York Apartment

– Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Beverly Hills House

And Arianna Grandes new Hollywood Hills House – the interiors in that are right up my street!